1. Im Live Discount


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Im Live is a huge cam site that lets you chat with experts on everything from marriage counseling to computers. There's also an over-18 section divided into 10 categories like threesomes, fetish and lesbians, couples and gay. There are well over 38,000 cams listed as being available, but when we checked things out, there were only about 1,100. The free portion of the chat varies per cam, with some of the models only doing text-based chats until you pay for more, while others give you free video chats. You can also chat for free during the first 20 seconds, which helps you decide if it's what you're looking for. Pornstars and fetish models tend to charge as high as $5/minute, but most only ask for $1.98/minute. The image quality is generally average and there are 51,542 picture galleries. The pics are a mix of profile shots and images taken during webcam performances.

2. Cams.com Discount


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At first glance, it looks like Cams.com only gives you about 80 webcams, but there are text links that take you to more, so the total is more like 405 babes are available. The babes in question perform either in a studio or at home and it seems they do all their typing themselves instead of relying on someone else. Pretty much all of the babes waste no time when getting naked when you want them to and you can often listen to them since most cams come with sound. Prices per minute range from $1.49 to $4.99, but most charge $2.99 or $3.99. You can also view their recorded shows at $0.99/minute. The camera quality is neither impressive nor unimpressive, but some models have clearly-marked HD cameras. The motion isn't always fluid and most have average to good-looking images. A monthly fee gets you discounts on the cam prices.

3. Flirt4Free Discount

Flirt 4 Free

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The homepage on Flirt4Free is a little overwhelming at first, but once you get your bearings, you'll see that there are usually 50 to 100 women at any given time, as well as about 15 shemales and 30 to 90 guys. It's also the official live cam home of various pornstars, who you'll see at least one of in a performance every month. Free membership lets you chat in text with models and sometimes see them clothed on cam. You have to spend money if you want to take things further. Most cams charge $4.25/minute, but some go as high as $6. Some babes look like pornstars while others are more your gal-next-door. The webcam-quality is average, with some being clear and offering fluid motion whereas others are choppy and look pretty average. A monthly VIP membership gets you archived shows, a picture gallery and other extras.

4. Live Pimpin Discount

Live Pimpin

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5. Webcams.com Discount


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Webcams.com has over 46,900 models with 300 of them online at a time. Most are solo babes, but there are also about 50 straight and lesbian couples, guys and shemales. A premium section also has about 100 Flash vids and 400 picture sets, but they cost extra. The webcam interface is nice and simple, but overall, the cams look average. Depending on which model you chat with, the motion can be very choppy at times. Sometimes the motion is very fluid, but the camera quality dips. Whether the webcam is HD or not has no effect on how good they look. Most models don't waste your time with needless chatting if what you want is for them to do what you say. Being a member lets you purchase up to $99 worth of time in $25 increments. The price per minute is average for live cam sites, usually around $2.99.